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Advancing and Advocating for Social Justice & Equity

NAME's Annual International Conference is held each fall - late October to mid-November. The conference moves around the country for greater accessibility to local activists and educators. Local NAME members have been crucial to the success of each conference in providing relevance and participation at each site. 

Here is a summary of previous annual NAME conferences over the last 32 years and their host cities. 

  1. 1991 in New Orleans: Toward Education That is Multicultural
  2. 1992 in Orlando: Multicultural Education for the Twenty-First Century
  3. 1993 in Los Angeles: Creating Connections: United We Make A Difference
  4. 1994 in Detroit: Facing the Challenges of Cultural Pluralism & Diversity: A Clarion Call for Unique Opportunities in the 21st Century
  5. 1995 in Washington, D.C.: Multiculturalism: Our Common Responsibility in Educational Practices and Social Challenges
  6. 1996 in St. Paul: Revitalizing Democracy through Multicultural Education
  7. 1997 in Albuquerque: Daring to Educate for Equity & Excellence: A Multicultural and Bilingual Mandate for the 21st Century
  8. 1998 in St. Louis: Creative Partnerships: Gateway to Embracing Diversity and Multiculturalism
  9. 1999 in San Diego: Multicultural Education: Crossing Borders for Equity and Justice
  10. 2000 in Orlando: Real Magic: The Realization of Multicultural Education in the Everyday  
  11. 2001 in Las Vegas: High Stakes: Achievement, Assessment, and Advocacy through Multicultural Education
  12. 2002 in Washington, D.C.: We the People: Fulfilling the Promise of Democracy and Equity through Multicultural Education
  13. 2003 in Seattle: From Rhetoric to Reality: Student Achievement in Multicultural Societies
  14. 2004 in Kansas City: Unmasking the Legacy of the Brown Decisions Through Multicultural Education
  15. 2005 in Atlanta: Renewing the Dream Through Multicultural Education: Sharing Power, Valuing Culture, and Achieving Social Justice
  16. 2006 in Phoenix: Honoring Multicultural Communities, Stories and Struggle in a Contested Land
  17. 2007 in Baltimore: Charting the Course to Academic Excellence and Equity through Multicultural Education
  18. 2008 in New Orleans: Beyond Celebrating Diversity: ReACTivating the Equity and Social Justice Roots of Multicultural Education
  19. 2009 in Denver: Mile High Commitment to Change: Reaching New Heights in Equity and Social Justice throughout the Global Community
  20. 2010 in Las Vegas: Empowering Children & Youth: Equity, Multiculturally Responsive Teaching & Achievement Gaps
  21. 2011 in Chicago: Reworking Intersections, Reframing Debate, Restoring Hope
  22. 2012 in Philadelphia: Erasing the Shadows, Embracing the Light: Re/Visioning Multicultural Education
  23. 2013 in Oakland: Realizing the Power of Movements through Multicultural Education 
  24. 2014 in Tucson: Dismantling Fronteras Through  Multicultural Education: Con Comunidad, Cariño y Coraje
  25. 2015 in New Orleans: Past Achievements, Present  Successes, Future Aspirations: 25 Years of NAME
  26. 2016 in Cleveland-- NAME: The Multicultural Lens of Equity for ALL
  27. 2017 in Salt Lake City: Reimagining Multicultural Education in Changing Times-
  28. 2018 in Memphis: How Many More Until We Rise Up
  29. 2019 in Tucson: Decolonizing Minds: Forging A New Future Through Multicultural Education
  30. 2020 Virtual:  Living Multicultural Education: Peace & Justice thru the Ballot Box & Activism
  31. 2022 Virtual: Multicultural Education: Light in a Troubled World
  32. 2023 in Montgomery: Revitalize. Rejuvenate & Reinvigorate: Embracing Multicultural Education to Create a More Just, Inclusive & Equitable Tomorrow