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2024 NAME Conference Theme

Nov. 13-17th, Anaheim Hilton Conference Center

Tested through the Tides of Time:
Triumphs of Multicultural Education from
Yesteryear to our Inevitable Futures

This conference seeks to celebrate the resilience and efficacy of multicultural education across generations and envision its role in shaping our collective destiny.

Anchored in Anaheim, California, a city with a rich history of social justice movements and grassroots activism, this conference provides a poignant backdrop for examining the intersections of diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. From the civil rights era to the present day, Anaheim has been a bastion of progress and change, where communities have mobilized to confront injustice and champion the rights of marginalized groups.

Against this backdrop, our conference theme underscores the imperative to reflect on the triumphs and challenges of multicultural education throughout history. By examining the lessons learned from the past, we can glean insights into the strategies and approaches that have propelled our movement forward, while also acknowledging the persistent barriers that continue to hinder progress.

Moreover, as we stand at the precipice of an uncertain future, marked by unprecedented global challenges and rapidly shifting demographics, the need for multicultural education has never been more urgent. In an increasingly interconnected world, where diversity is both a source of strength and a catalyst for conflict, educators and advocates must equip themselves with the tools and knowledge to navigate this complex landscape with empathy, understanding, and resilience.

Through a series of engaging keynote presentations, interactive workshops, scholarly panels, and networking opportunities, this conference will provide a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and action. Participants will have the opportunity to share best practices, exchange innovative ideas, and forge partnerships that transcend boundaries and foster meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

Join us in Anaheim as we embark on a journey through time, exploring the enduring legacy of multicultural education and charting a course towards a future where diversity is celebrated, equity is upheld, and inclusion is the cornerstone of our educational systems. Together, let us test the waters of time and emerge stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever to realize the promise of a truly multicultural society. 

2024 NAME Conference Art
by Dulce Ramos, student artist

 Artist statement from Dulce Ramos:

"The meaning behind my piece is mainly inspired by the slogan from the website, "Tested Through the Tides of Time". The book represents all of the progress and progress of what's to come for multicultural education, the tides of knowledge increasing from year to year, or from each complete cycle of the sun and the moon to the next, which is what the two characters represent. The Sun and Moon characters were also mainly inspired from local artwork I've seen at Mexican restaurants when I was young. And since you requested to add in characters of mine, I decided to create my own representation of the personification of the Sun and Moon, or Sol and Luna as I like to call them. I overall wanted this to be as loose and fluid as possible, with Sol and Luna spreading knowledge to the world as we do. 

Thank you, Dulce for lending your insight and
immense talent!