Duplichain University

Duplichain University: Where Dreams Transcend to Reality

Founded by Rose Duhon-Sells, NAME’s Founding Mother, Duplichain University is an internationally accredited online institution of higher learning.  The mission of Duplichain University is to provide undergraduate and graduate student learning through distance education programs of the highest quality that foster a strong foundation for learning, research and service through intellectual growth, self-understanding, and respect for diversity.  Duplichain University is established to provide a participatory learning environment for students who are unable or unwilling to enroll in traditional face to face programs; and to develop initially a strong academic foundation as well as expand the amount and perspectives of current research in a field of study to address crucial issues for which solutions are sought.  Visit:  www.duplichain.org  for more information.



Duplichain University is a global online learning institution offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education and Criminal Justice.  Duplichain University offers an innovative learning approach in a supportive, nurturing and flexible academic environment.  Students enrolled in Duplichain University develop, refine, strengthen, and enhance their skills in a discipline of their choosing, while maturing academically, intellectually, and personally.



Child Development/Early Education/Family Studies Program-Undergraduate

The Child Development/Early Education/Family Studies program at Duplichain University offers courses and academic experiences to prepare teachers and administrators of young children.  The Program is designed to prepare pre-service professionals at the undergraduate level to ensure a better quality of education and family life in this society.


Master’s of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education at Duplichain University is designed to provide teachers an opportunity to refine and re-assess their professional practices.  Aligned with the mission of the University, the program outcomes focus on intellectual growth, self-understand and professional development


Doctorate of Philosophy in Education

The Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Education is designed to prepare leaders who will advance educational theory, practice, and policy through studentship an disciplined inquiry.  Graduates assume leadership roles in University, Educational agencies, and K-12 settings.


Undergraduate Degree in Criminal Justice

The undergraduate criminal justice program at Duplichain University offers students a broad range of possibilities that are designed to enhance their area of interest in the criminal justice system The students may select from four specializations including Homeland Security, Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Juvenile Justice systems.


Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice

The program is intended to meet the needs of today’s working Criminal Justice professional.  The program is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of working professionals for practice in any complex and challenging Criminal Justice system.


Doctorate of Philosophy in Criminal Justice

Duplichain University offers one of the first online Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice. The program is designed to meet the needs of criminal justice professionals to include but not limit to those in leadership positions in homeland security, law enforcement, courts, corrections, juvenile justice, and security.



Scholars are eligible to apply for scholarships awarded in form of a reduction in tuition.  Master’s level usually $1,500.00 and Doctoral level usually $3,000.00


Opportunities for Students

Duplichain University not only offers an excellent opportunity for students to receive a dynamic education but we are also focused on preparing students to build the necessary portfolio to make them very marketable in the workforce.  Duplichain University sponsors the National Association for Multicultural Education and National Association for Peace/Anti-Violence Education each year.  Many of our students present their research at these conferences.  Duplichain University also houses the Journal of Education and Social Justice.  Many of the faculty work with students to get their research published in the journal.  Furthermore, students have published chapters in books edited by faculty such as the forthcoming book Alleviating Bullying: Conquering the Challenge of Violence. We also work with our students to get their dissertations published as a book manuscript.