NAME Awards General Requirements & Link to Submit

Each year members of NAME are invited to nominate outstanding colleagues and agencies to receive one of NAME’s Annual Awards for their superlative work in the fields of Multicultural Education and social justice.

NAME Award Nominations will remain open until October 4, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.
To submit an award nomination, click here.


A series of awards intended to identify outstanding individuals and institutions which contribute significantly to
 Multicultural Education



All nomination submissions must be made online via 

the NAME Awards Nominations Submission System

the link to submit will be made available when the system is ready for submissions

For all questions related to Awards Nominations e-mail:





For all questions related to Awards Nominations please email:


Thank you for your interest in participating in the Awards nomination process for the National Association for Multicultural Education. The NAME Awards provide national and international recognition of individuals, groups and institutions that make outstanding contributions toward multicultural education, educational equity, and social justice.  Making nominations is a membership benefit for NAME members. 


To submit a nomination, please review the award categories and follow the guidelines for submission. Each award requires submission of a statement addressing the criteria outlined in the detailed announcement, below. Supporting document ion must be submitted, as well.  Please use the link, below to access the online NAME Awards Nomination Submission System for each category for which you would like to make a nomination, enter the information requested, then upload the statement and supporting documents. You do not need to enter a nomination in each category. All persons submitting nominations must be current members in good standing of NAME, membership of nominators will be verified.  No self-nominations, please.


Please submit all materials related to your nomination that would be helpful in the awards committee’s decision-making process. For example, if you are nominating a “video” include a link to access and view the video, if you are nominating a “book,” include a link to access the book digitally. (If you do not have access to digital versions of a book, please email for assistance BEFORE submitting the nomination.) Nominations without any documentation WILL NOT BE considered for an award. The more documentation that is provided, the more likely it is that the committee will have adequate information for considering the nominee.


  • Has the work of the recipient challenged our thinking about multicultural theory and practice?
  • Has the work of the recipient contributed to a better understanding or clarification of the manner in which culture is lived out in our daily lives?
  • Has the work of the recipient helped to clarify or support ongoing debate and discussion about multicultural issues?
  • Has the work of the recipient assisted educators (all levels) in implementing a more comprehensive multicultural program?
  • Has the work of the recipient supported or helped clarify the connections between multicultural issues at the personal or individual level, the school or district level, the community level, and/or in the broader society?
  • Does the work of the recipient clearly support NAME’s commitment to a more just and equitable society?


Each nomination will be thoroughly researched by project staff. We ask that you provide us with some information about yourself and the nominee so that we might contact knowledgeable people during the research phase if any questions about your nomination arise, or if further information is necessary.


Scroll down for information about what should be submitted with ALL nominations

See the awards main page to review the criteria for each award:


You must be a current NAME member in order to make a nomination.
The deadline for submission of the nominations is October 4, 2019

Nominations submitted without complete information will not be considered.  

The following basic information will be required to be entered into the submission system for each nomination:


Nominee information:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Email
  • Brief bio (150 words)
  • Photo


Nominator information:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Phone
  • Email

To submit an awards nomination, click here