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After Silence

(30 mins.)

Bullfrog Films

PO Box 149

Oley PA  19547



Racism, history, Japanese Interment

Studies constitutional rights of Americans during times of uncertainty and fear. Profiles experiences of Japanese Americans during WW2, in dialogue with students developing an archive

By Dawn’s Early Light

(52 mins.)

Cinema Guild, Inc.

130 Madison Ave.

New York NY 10016


Emerging spiritual identity, Islamic conversion, religious tolerance

Covers one man’s—an NBA star’s–conversion to Islam and the ensuing conflict with media and the public around issues of political dissent

Chávez Ravine

(24 mins.)

Bullfrog Films

PO Box 149

Oley PA  19547

Chicano history, land reform and classism

Documents close knit Latino community of 1940’s in Los Angeles, and its demise through greed and political trickery

February One

(30 mins.)

California Newsreel

500 Third St.

Suite 505

San Francisco CA 94107



Civil Rights history, student leadership

Documents The Greensboro Four, students at NC A& T University in 1960 who led the Civil Rights Sit-It movement and founded SNCC, the vanguard of the movement

For Jackson: A Time Capsule from His Two Grandmothers

(49 mins.)

Filmakers Library

124 East 40th Street

New York NY 10016

Multiracial families, identity and family history

Both grandmothers of a multiracial child tell their stories to help him understand his heritage

Freedom Road

(35 mins.)

Women Make Movies 462 Broadway, 5th Floor

New York NY 10013

Liberation literature, reform in women’s prison

Testimonial to power of the arts in personal liberation, follows women prisoners in study of liberation literature and the power of finding one’s own voice

Hardwood: A Black Family’s Story

(29 mins.)

Filmakers Library

124 East 40th Street

New York NY 10016

Interracial and blended family issues, history

Studies one family’s struggles in the racial climate of the 1960’s. Impact of absent father on sons, and efforts to heal through love

Home of the Brave

(75 mins.)

Bullfrog Films

PO Box 149

Oley PA  19547

Civil Rights history

Studies the life and death of Viola Liuzzo, the only white women murdered during the Civil Rights Movement through her children’s eyes

Let’s Get Real

(36 mins.)

Women’s Educational Media

2180 Bryant St.

San Francisco CA 94110

Anti-harassment, kids as activists

Young people discuss racism, homophobia, bullying, religious bigotry, etc. and their strategies for intervention and prevention

The Long Walk to Freedom

(30 mins.)


Bullfrog Films

PO Box 149

Oley PA  19547

Civil Rights history, personal activism

Tells how 12 ordinary, diverse people joined the Civil Rights movement and changed the world

Mighty Times: The Children’s March

(40 mins.)


Teaching Tolerance

400 Washington Ave.

Montgomery AL 36104


Civil Rights history and children’s activism

Academy award winner, shows how students of Birmingham AL became leaders in the Civil Rights movement and changed public attitudes about segregation

New Faces on Main Street

(60 mins.)

Newist/CESA 7

2420 Nicolet Drive

IS 1040

Green Bay WI  54311

Immigrant experience, language and cultural issues

Investigates experiences of Hmong and Latino immigrants and their lives in smaller US communities

Young Voices From the Arab World

(30 mins.)


1730 M Street, NW

Suite 1100

Washington DC 20036

Diversity in Arab cultures

Explores the breadth of culture, history, experience in the Arab world through lives and words of 5 teenagers