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The following films were selected for screening at the 2004 Annual Conference of the National Association for Multicultural Education.
Film Title

Filmmaker / Distributor



Class Queers
(40 min.)

School House productions for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Filmakers Library
124 East 40th Street
New York, NY  10016
tel. (212) 808-4980
fax (212) 808-4983

Lesbian & gay

This film focuses on three young people who have come out and acknowledged their homosexuality despite isolation, ridicule, and parental objection.

Covered Girls
(22 min.)

Produced and directed by Janet McIntyre and Amy Wendel

Filmakers Library
124 East 40th Street
New York, NY 10016
tel. (212) 808-4980
fax (212) 808-4983

Muslim-American teenage girls

This film opens a window into the lives of a colorful and startling group of Muslim-American teenage girls in New York and challenges the stereotypes many Americans may have about this culture.

Happy to be Nappy (and Other Stories of Me)
(30 min.)

Produced by Diane Kolyer


HBO Films

1100 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY  10036


Adapted from classic children’s books, celebrities narrate several short stories about children who are empowered by their own uniqueness.

Hoxie: The First Stand(56 min.)

Directed by David Appleby.

The Cinema Guild
130 Madison Ave.
New York, NY  10016
tel. (212) 685-6242
fax (212) 685-4717

Civil rights

This documentary tells the story of one of the most important yet least remembered school integration battles in the South, in which the school board of a rural Arkansas town voluntarily desegregated its schools.

Journey to a Hate Free Millennium
(36 min.)

Directed and produced by Brent Scarpo.

New Light Media
100 S. Sunrise Way #276
Palm Springs, CA  92262
tel. (760) 322-4455
fax (760) 322-4455

Hate crimes

This powerful documentary seeks solutions to the horrible hate crimes that have now become current events in our daily lives.

Journey to Little Rock
(52 min.)

Directed by Rob Thompson and produced by Maria Yongmee Shin.

Filmakers Library
124 East 40th Street
New York, NY 10016
tel. (212) 808-4980
fax (212) 808-4983

Civil rights

Minnijean was one of the nine Black American teenagers who defied the local government and community to attend the all-white Little Rock Central High in 1957. This film follows her life of passionate social activism.


Mendez vs. Westminster:            Para Todos Los Ninos

Produced by KOCE.


KOCE-TV Foundation

15751 Gothard St.

Huntington Beach, CA  92647


tel. (714) 895-0856

fax (714) 895-0852

Civil rights

Para Todos Los Ninos (“For All the Children”) tells the story of segregation and discrimination in Orange County schools.  This film offers a living history of one of the most important stories in the American Civil Rights Movement.

The Road to Brown

(55 min.)

Directed and produced by William Elwood and Mykola Kulish.

California Newsreel
Main Office
500 Third St.
Suite 505
San Francisco, CA  94107
tel. (415) 284-7800
fax (415) 284-7801

Civil rights

This documentary tells the story of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling as the culmination of a brilliant legal assault on segregation that launched the Civil Rights movement. It is also a moving and long overdue tribute to a visionary but little known black lawyer, Charles Hamilton Houston, “the man who killed Jim Crow.”

Scenarios USA
(   )

Various filmmakers.

Scenarios USA
80 Hanson Place
Suite 305
Brooklyn, NY  11217
tel. (718) 230-5125
fax (718) 230-4381

Teen sexuality and health

Scenarios USA aims to inspire youth to make healthier and safer decisions about sexual responsibility. Teens address issues such as HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy and violence by writing stories for the annual “What’s the REAL Deal?” contest. The winners are partnered with professional filmmakers who help them produce their stories into high-quality short films in their hometown.

Standing on My Sisters’ Shoulders
(60 min.)

Directed and produced by Laura Lipson, Joan Sadoff, and Dr. Robert Sadoff.

Women Make Movies
462 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY  10013
tel. (212) 925-0606

Civil rights

This award-winning documentary tells the story of three Mississippi women who played crucial roles in the US Civil Rights Movement.

So They May Speak
(30 min.)

Produced by Ideas in Motion.

California Tomorrow
1904 Franklin St
Suite 300
Oakland, CA 94612
tel. (510) 496-0220
fax (510) 496-0225

Biliteracy and cultural awareness

From the bayous of Louisiana to the Central Valley of California to a border town in Texas, this video focuses in-depth on three exceptional educational programs striving to produce biliteracy and reclaim and sustain cultures and heritage languages for the children of their community.

We Speak America
(30 min.)

Produced by InterCultura Bilingual Media.

California Tomorrow
1904 Franklin St
Suite 300
Oakland, CA 94612
tel. (510) 496-0220
fax (510) 496-0225

Importance of cultural heritage

This film is a heartwarming and honest exploration into the complexities of identity, immigration, culture, and language issues faced by parents, young adults, teachers and students

What We Have Always Known(13 min.)

Produced by the Mesa United Way

137 East University
Mesa, AZ  85201
tel.  (480) 834-2122
fax (480) 834-8184


Native American

In response to the high dropout rate of Native American children this video helps educate Indian parents about critical windows of opportunity in early brain development, and what they can draw from their own culture to affirm the child’s development, while enhancing their parenting skills.