NAME applauds
the Biden-Harris election

    The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) celebrates the triumphant election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the new president and vice president of the United States. People in cities throughout the United States flooded the streets to celebrate the Biden-Harris victory with “Build Back Better” promises to unify the country with compassion and togetherness, a beautiful departure from the rage-filled anti-humane path that Trump established as a sower of division and hate.

      NAME also is excited to celebrate the first woman to hold the office of Vice President, on the 100 year anniversary of U.S. white women gaining the right to vote. NAME celebrates Vice President elect Harris, who as a Jamaican and Indian woman, becomes the nation’s first woman, first woman of color, and second person of color to be elected to the second highest office of the land. Lost in the blur of the Great Depression is the fact that the first person of color to hold the office of vice president was Charles Curtis, a Native American lawmaker and member of the Kaw Nation, who was elected as President Herbert Hoover's running mate in 1928.

    Despite this representational win, almost two weeks after the election a blizzard of unwarranted lawsuits are ongoing, attempting to challenge the outcome of the vote. This continues a long line of historical attempts to invalidate voters. While these voter suppression challenges remain, NAME urges the Trump administration to release the nearly $10 million in funding for staffing, federal office space and other needs to enable a smooth transition and rapid focus on corralling the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Beyond that, NAME urges the incoming administration to undo the damage of executive orders, policies and practices attacking diversity and inclusion training, critical race theory, ethnic studies and multicultural education. The nation needs a secretary of education who understands the needs of the nation and will promote diversity and inclusion as the country becomes a majority-minority population.

    In addition, NAME supports the Biden-Harris team getting the United States to rejoin the Paris agreement to tackle climate change. The progressive work that NAME knows has to be done would not be possible if climate change were to continue to ravage the Earth with out-of-control wildfires, terrifying hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and other devastating weather caused by unchecked human consumption of fossil fuels.

    The May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the protests and unrests that followed in the U.S. and globally also show that the Biden-Harris team must immediately eliminate the womb-to-tomb racial disparities in policing, housing, education, jobs, health care and other areas in the United States.

    The Biden-Harris administration has a tremendous amount of work to do to benefit the country. But NAME knows that the team renews a sense of hope among people in the USA and beyond.

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