Marisol Moreno: Challenges

What challenges does Mariol face and how does she deal with them?

1. Feeling like you're on the frontlines of a war about education:

Think about how you will (or do) sustain yourself in this kind of context. After reflecting, listen to Marisol explain what keeps her going.

2. Subtractive approach to education:

If the policies and programs in the school where you are working take away students' culture and language, how can you counter that subtractive approach? Think about what you can do, then listen to Marisol share an example of what she does.


3. Feeling isolated:


If you were in Marisol's shoes, how would you deal with the challenge of feeling isolated? Reflect, then listen to Marisol's wisdom about countering her own sense of isolation when she tries to explain to others why she teaches the way she does.