Surveys and Questionnaires

Making the Grade: A Racial Justice Report Carda new tool to assess how your schools measure up to racial equity standards. This easy-to-use computer program walks journalists, parents, students, or teachers through a series of research tasks. Making the Grade then produces an “A” through “F” grade and explains where the school or district is failing their responsibility to equal education.

UNIVERSITY RELEASES FINDINGS FROM CAMPUS-WIDE DIVERSITY SURVEYS AND ITS PLAN FOR THE FUTURE – FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The University of Arkansas has released both the findings of its diversity surveys and the first phase of its three-year plan to enhance diversity on campus.

Project Implicit – Project Implicit blends basic research and educational outreach in a virtual laboratory at which visitors can examine their own hidden biases. Project Implicit is the product of research by three scientists whose work produced a new approach to understanding of attitudes, biases, and stereotypes. The Project Implicit site ( has been functioning as a hands-on science museum exhibit, allowing web visitors to experience the manner in which human minds display the effects of stereotypic and prejudicial associations acquired from their socio-cultural environment.