2018 School Visits - Thank you!

Thank you to these amazing Memphis Schools for welcoming our conference attendees during the school visits, this year! 

NAME Conference School Visit Schedule




Downtown Elementary School                 

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 Tues, Nov 27          




Treadwell Elementary School

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 Tues, Nov 27




Kingsbury Middle School    

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Kaleidoscope School of Memphis

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Wed, Nov 28

Thurs, Nov 29






Downtown Elementary School uses  Downtown Memphis as a "living laboratory”. The school’s cutting-edge Optional program prepares students for the modern world. Downtown Elementary School students learn from local politicians, professors, doctors, architects, and business leaders who work in Downtown Memphis and partner with the school. Downtown Elementary Downtown Elementary School students use state-of-the-art technology every day in the classroom.

Treadwell Elementary is a one-of-a-kind program that develops bilingual and bicultural scholars in Shelby County. Their academic program promotes biliteracy and positive cross-cultural attitudes in an immersed multicultural environment. Treadwell Elementary inspires creativity and exploration through a celebration of cultures.

Kingsbury High School’s Optional program celebrates the strengths and experiences of their global students, representing 20+ nations. Serving a diverse student population, Kingsbury's Health Studies Optional program offers the world-class training students need to take on the complex challenges of 21st century healthcare.

Kaleidoscope School of Memphis works to equip middle school students (in grades 6 – 8) with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and habits of mind necessary for excellence in academics and life, by integrating the arts into the curriculum?. Supported through meaningful relationships with families and community organizations, highly-qualified staff will weave all forms of the arts (dance, visual art, drama, and music) and Artful Thinking routines through a rigorous academic curriculum, the school culture, and social and emotional development, so that all students attain key cognitive skills and the social/emotional strengths that are needed to achieve academic success and develop positive behaviors and relationships in the 21st century.

**If you've already registered for conference, email Institutes@NAMEorg.org with your school visit registration request.