NAME Conference-Presenter Info 2019

NAME 29th Annual Conference Presenter Schedule*

Below is the link to the presenter schedule, in Alphabetical order:

Click here for the updated NAME 2019 Presenter_Schedule
The presentations/breakouts are listed in alphabetical order
Click the link above, to see the updated alpha presenter list, it also includes
the date and time of the presentation.

This schedule is only intended to notify presenters of the date & time of their presentation.*
All NAME members, presenters, who are registered for and attending the conference
will be included in the proposal and will be included in the program book.
The program book will be posted on the website the week of the conference.
Please look for it to be posted the week of the conference. 

NAME will provide a projector in the presentation & interactive workshop session rooms.
We will not have AV for posters or roundtables sessions.
We look forward to seeing you in Tucson

Important note: If you reserved more than you need at either of the conference hotels, please call and cancel the nights you don't need, so others can get into the hotel -- Thank you!