Intensive Institutes

#2019NAME Intensive Institutes*

Wednesday Pre-conference Institutes
Participants who attend 6 hour or more pre-conference institutes will receive a certificate of completion.

 Participants can register for a pre-conference institute without registering for the full conference for $50, plus the institute fee
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Special NAME Institute--Training on Title IX
Time: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs that receive federal funding, but it is under attack. Efforts have been made by the U.S. Department of Education to weaken enforcement. This intensive institute lead by experienced Title IX experts will provide attendees with the information needed to understand the law and the obligations of educational institutions as well as best practices for supporting gender equity in education. This institute should be of special interest to anyone functioning as a Title IX Coordinator.

Topics Covered:

  • Title IX and other relevant laws
  • Requirements of Title IX
  • Duties of a Title IX Coordinator
  • Defining Sexual Harassment
  • Pregnant & Parenting Students
  • Transgender Students
  • Athletics
  • Single Sex Schools & Programs
  • Conducting an Effective Title IX Investigation
  • Writing a Title IX Investigation Report
Title IX Expert Presenters for this special institute:
Marta Larson, Educational Equity Consultant;
Georgina Dodge,
Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, University of Maryland. Advisory Board Member of ATIXA (Association of Title IX Administrators)
Jan Perry Evenstad, Director of Western Equity Assistance Center, Metropolitan State University of Denver; Advisory Board Member of ATIXA; 
Amy Zavadil, Amy Zavadil Consulting, Advisory Board Member of ATIXA

Member rate - with conference registration $79 
Non-member  rate - with conference registration $99

Developing a Multicultural Education Curriculum
Presenter: Bill Howe, Past-President of the National Association for Multicultural Education

Time: 12noon-6pm


Since 1995, over 20,000 people have attended the nationally recognized training program – Developing a Multicultural Curriculum (DMC). Developed originally in 1994 under a federal grant, DMC was created to meet the needs of teachers wishing to learn more effective strategies to teach minority students but also schools that wanted a curriculum that would prepare all students for a diverse workforce and a global economy. The institute follows a model based on four key steps  - awareness, knowledge, skills and action. These steps include awareness of how culture affects teaching and learning, the knowledge we need to be culturally responsive, how to create multicultural lesson plans; and how to develop an individual and organizational action plan.
Note: those who complete this all day institute will receive a certificate of completion
Member rate - $49 
Non-member rate - $79




Writing for Publication

NAME MCP Presenters:
Kevin Roxas, Multicultural Perspectives Senior Editor;
Alyssa Dunn, Multicultural Perspectives Associate Editor
Maria Gabriel, CO-NAME co-President
Carl Grant, NAME Past-President & scholar

Time: 12-6pm

This workshop is designed to assist anyone interested in publishing in professional journals or other related publications in the field of multicultural education. Facilitated by experienced editors and writers, it is particularly beneficial for graduate students and junior faculty. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the process for publishing from both a writer’s perspective as well as the editor’s perspective. Topics to be covered include getting started (selecting appropriate journals, turning dissertations into articles, etc.), the submission and review process, and the relationship of publishing to tenure. Participants should be prepared to share their ideas for articles. Participants will receive an extensive package of materials to support their work towards becoming published authors.  
Note: those who complete this all day institute will receive a certificate of completion
Member rate - $49 
Non-member rate - $79




Responding to Discriminatory Incidents at School
Presenter: Lee Mun Wah, Executive Director of 
StirFry Seminars & Consulting

Time: 3-6pm

Often, discriminatory incidents and lawsuits emerge from environments where diversity issues are seldom discussed and where cultural differences are 'celebrated' but not practiced or represented. During this workshop, we will explore how to create a culturally competent and sensitive academic community that is able to embrace and respond to diversity. Participants will: * Understand how one's personal and community history affects one's self-esteem and sense of safety * Learn ways to respond with honesty and compassion when a conflict occurs that involves a diversity issue * Create a sense of community and understanding amongst a diverse culture of people * Learn how to ask meaningful and intimate questions of individuals from diverse cultures * Understand how differences (i.e. racial, gender) can affect relationships, communications & behaviors * Discover how to observe and make use of the intent and impact of all of our communications * Learn the art of listening and responding cross-culturally

Member rate - $29 
Non-member rate - $49




Thursday Institute

RE-Imaging the Brilliance of Black boys: Self-Identity, Agency & Voice in Cultivating School Success

Brian Wright, Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of Early Childhood Education University of Memphis

Time: 3-6pm

This institute is designed to challenge these patterns of educational inequity that have been shaped by race and gender. As research has revealed race and gender tend to circumscribe the academic achievement and schooling of this population-leaving Black boys to be defined by their relative lack--thus, ignoring the myriad of strengths and tremendous resilience that resides in this population. Challenging deficit views about Black boys this institute will provide an Anti-Deficit Achievement Framework (ADAF) to RE-imagine in the public domain of schools and society the brilliance that resides in Black boys. The presenters will share culturally responsive and responsible ways to recognize, value, and integrate the self-identities, agency, and voices of Black boys P-12 and beyond.
Member rate - $29 
Non-member rate - $49


Friday Institute


School Leadership Matters: Strategies to Successfully Implement Culturally Responsive Leadership Approaches in Schools

Presenter: Ann E. Lopez, NAME President, OISE Associate Professor, Teaching Stream Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education Provostial Advisor, Access Programs; Former Administrator, Peel District School Board

Time: 3-6pm

This institute is designed to engage school leaders (teacher leaders and administrators), leaders in higher education as well as aspiring leaders interested in embedding social justice and culturally responsive approaches in their practice. We know from research and practice that culturally responsive approaches increase student engagement and achievement, community and parental involvement, reduce disciplinary issues and improves retention rates in higher education. The purpose of this institute is to share culturally responsive leadership strategies and approaches that work, explicate the challenges of this type leadership, and envision ways to overcome these challenges. This workshop will feature a select group of educational leaders who will share their experiences and coping methods as social justice leaders on their leadership journey. 
Member rate - $29 
Non-member  rate - $49



Saturday Institutes

Special Institute by
Teaching Tolerance--

Accomplish SEL and Academic Goals with The Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards
Presenter: Hoyt Phillips, Deputy Director of the Teaching and Learning group at Teaching Tolerance.
Time: 10:30am-1:15pm
Learn how to support social emotional learning alongside academic goals with the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards.  Participants in this interactive session will learn how to easily incorporate the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards to create and sustain classroom and school environments that honor diversity, equity and justice. Free materials provided. This session is most appropriate for classroom teachers, administrators, and counselors.
Member rate - $29 
Non-member  rate - $49

Special Institute with
Carl Grant--
"Go for Broke:"
Using James Baldwin to Decolonize Teachers' Minds
Presenters: Carl Grant, NAME Past-President, Author, Scholar,  University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Multicultural Education

Jalessa Bryant, UW-Madison Doctoral Student in Curriculum and Instruction, Multicultural Education
Laura Roeker, UW-Madison Doctoral Student in Curriculum and Instruction, Multicultural Education
Brittany Johnson, UW-Madison Doctoral Student in Curriculum and Instruction, Multicultural Education
Emma Gorski, UW-Madison Doctoral Student in Curriculum and Instruction, Multicultural Education

Time: 3-6pm

To reconcile the moral debts brought on by white supremacy, decolonization of the mind is required to conceive of a future free of oppression. "We are living in a very dangerous time," James Baldwin cautioned teachers in New York City in 1963, speaking of the racism that plagued the country. Over fifty years later, Americans still find themselves in a very dangerous time. Today, we witness children living in migrant detention camps, racist rhetoric from politicians, and the growing education debt for Black children. Urgent attention must be given to the ways students of color are treated by the American educational system. To these teachers, Baldwin offered a solution - to "go for broke" in their quest to correct the injustices faced by their students. This institute seeks to re-imagine Baldwin's words by discussing the ways teachers can "go for broke" to improve educational outcomes for all students.

Member rate - $29 
Non-member  rate - $49
*NAME would like to extend a very special thank you to our friends and members, who facilitate the institutes, for all of their work to make these amazing institutes possible!