NAME Board of Directors Call for Nominations

NAME is pleased to announce that the call for nominations for the Board of Directors.

NAME Board of Directors nominations are now being accepted. 
Nominations will be accepted until
Monday, April 30, 2018
at 11:59pm Eastern Time,

Submitting a nomination and being a nominee are benefits of NAME membership.

NAME is accepting nominations for the following two (2) board positions. 

Please see position descriptions, eligibility and service requirements, below.

Board Position Descriptions:


 The Parliamentarian monitors adherence to the Organization's policies, procedures and by laws; chairs the By Laws Committee; and performs duties assigned by the President and Board of Directors. Nominees should also have knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order. The Parliamentarian serves a 3 year term, with a 2 term limit. 



The President-Elect shall coordinate the Association's Annual Conference with the Annual Conference Committee Chair and the Executive Director; coordinate and supervise special projects; perform such other duties as the President and the Board of Directors may assign; and, except as otherwise provided, the duties of the President when the President is disabled from performing his or her duties or absent from meetings where the President would normally preside. The President-Elect shall appoint the members of the Conference Committee. The President-Elect shall succeed to the Office of President at the conclusion of the Annual Membership Meeting following the conclusion of the term of office of the presiding President. The President  shall preside at meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, and the Annual and Special Membership Meetings. The President, as directed by the Board of Directors, shall supervise the affairs of the Association in accordance with policies and directives approved by the Board of Directors. Unless otherwise provided in these bylaws or by the Board of Directors, the President shall appoint the chairperson and members of each committee of the Association with the exception of the Annual Conference Committee whose membership shall be appointed by the President-Elect. After conclusion of a 2 year term, the President shall succeed to the Office of immediate Past President, for a 2 year term. The Immediate Past-President shall advise the President and perform duties as requested by the President. 
NOTE: This is a six (6) year commitment  -- 2 years as President-Elect, 2 years as President, & 2 years as Past President. (See the by-laws for more detailed description of all 3 positions.)


Eligibility Requirements

  1. A member in good standing of the Association evidenced by active membership at least two (2) years over the last three (3) years and attendance at least two (2) conferences over the last five (5) years. 
  2. Service to the Association via, but not limited to, serving on committees, participating in a local NAME chapter, reviewing conference proposals, and/or volunteering in a contributing and meaningful manner at the annual conference. Using the list below, please show evidence (in a paragraph) of at least 2 of the following that adds up to a minimum of 10 points
    1. Starting and sustaining a local NAME chapter (up to 5 points)
    2. Prior board or committee service with national NAME or state/regional/local Chapters (up to 5 points)
    3. Coordinating a local NAME conference or major event (up to 5 points)
    4. Chairing a committee for local NAME conference (up to 2 points)
    5. Reviewing NAME conference proposals for at least 2 years (1 point)
    6. Film reviewer for NAME conference (1point)
    7. Volunteering at the NAME conference  (2 points per year served up to 3 years).  If you volunteered at the national conference or a local conference please include the area in which you volunteered (eg. registration).  Also provide at least one of the following: 1) a reference name and email of a NAME member who can verify your service OR 2) a letter from a NAME member verifying and supporting your service.
    8. Reviewing articles for NAME’s journal, Multicultural Perspectives (1 point)
    9. A recognized NAME scholar (5 points)
    10. Other (please specify)

Additional Considerations

  1. Each nominee or self-nominee may only run for one board position.
  2. If you are nominating another person for a board position, please first confirm that person's willingness to serve with NAME and which position that person would like to run for before submitting your nomination.

Service Requirements for all NAME Board Members

  1. Strive to attend to all NAME Board meetings and activities.
    • must attend at least two meetings of the Board of Directors annually at the member’s or member institution’s expense.
  2. Register for and attend the annual conference for every year during the service term on the NAME Board.
    • function as a host at the annual conference, volunteering whenever needed 
  3. Contribute to the enhancement of the goals and mission of NAME.
  4. Actively contribute to growing and supporting the NAME membership.
  5. Subscribe to a NAME Life Membership by paying annually for five years or the total amount may be paid in one sum OR contribute to the growth of the organization in other ways and contribute resources to enhance the goals and mission of NAME. 
  6. Regional Directors must reside in the region in which they are nominated.
  7. Be very responsive and in regular communication with the Board, Executive Director and members during the service term on the NAME Board.

Nomination Process

Please submit, via the nominations portal, the following required information: 

  1. Name, contact information, and position for nomination
  2. **An abridged biography (200 word limit)
  3. A description of your active service and engagement to NAME in the last five (5) years (see list of possible activities under eligibility requirements, above).
  4. **Description of your leadership goals in terms of advancing the mission of NAME and why you want to serve on the Board of Directors (200 word limit)
  5. Two references who can verify your service to NAME
  6. **Upload a good-quality photo (headshot) that will accompany the nomination 
  7. A letter of recommendation from a NAME member supporting your nomination for the Board.

**These will be used for posting of slate of candidates for the election cycle.

Link to submit nomination
2018 Call for Nominations to NAME Board of Directors submission portal:

Reminder: Submitting a nomination and being a nominee are benefits of NAME membership

NOTE:  Elections will take place May 15-31, 2018