#2020NAME The Rose Duhon-Sells Scholarship Program

The Rose Duhon-Sells Conference Fee Scholarship Program
is accepting applications for
the #2020NAME Virtual Conference!

The deadline for applications is August 21, at 11:59pm Eastern Time

Scholarships to cover the NAME Conference fee are awarded to full-time students and to those who have graduated within the past five years. Graduates must have a financial need based on factors such as working part-time or being unemployed. These scholarship awards will cover all or part of the virtual conference registration fee this year

As a small non-profit coordinating a large conference, NAME asks that applicants first exhaust all institutional and other funding options before applying for this scholarship. 

Awards are approved on the basis of how the applicant satisfies the seven criteria listed below.

To apply for a scholarship you must  to submit a proposal document that addresses ALL the following points:
(1) Indicate if you are a member of NAME (priority given to NAME members)
(2) Identify the academic institution where you are a full-time student, the school district/institution for which you work, or other employer or indicate if you are currently unemployed 
(3) Describe your financial need, identifying funding already granted and identify potential sources of funding that you have applied for (e.g. employer, grants, social or civic organizations, etc.)
(4) Indicate if you have been a past recipient of a NAME scholarship (if yes, designate the year or years when you received this scholarship)
(5) What motivates you to come to the NAME conference (1 paragraph)
(6) Based on the description of this year's conference, discuss (1 paragraph):
a. what you believe you will gain from attending it, and
b. how you would hope to use the information from the conference in the future 
(7) Because NAME is a volunteer-driven organization, indicate whether or not you are willing to volunteer during the conference. Yes, there is still a great need for volunteers during a virtual conference.

 Your scholarship application must be submitted via the link, at the end of this page. It is recommended that you write your application document before clicking on the link, below. In your application,  please number your responses 1-7, so as to be sure that all points above, are addressed. As you move through the online application process you will be asked to enter your application document text into the system. It is recommended that you simply copy and paste the text of your document into the system for submission where indicated.

            1) This is not a cash award.
            2) You are not eligible for this scholarship if you register for the conference before notification of scholarship proposal results.
            3) Refunds CANNOT be given.
           4) You must exhaust all other funding options before applying for this scholarship
           5) If it is determined that inaccurate information is provided your application will be rejected automatically.
The deadline for applications is August 21, at 11:59pm Eastern Time
           7) NAME has a firm no-extensions policy

Click here to apply for the Rose Duhon Sells Scholarship

Please consider donating to the scholarship fund to support the efforts of those interested in coming to the NAME conference by checking the designated scholarship box on the registration form. Donation received after the current recipient's conference fees are covered, will be held to help more students, next year.