#2019NAME Border visit & Mural Tour

NAME Border Visit to Nogales, Sonora
Sunday, November 10,
8am - 4pm (approximate return time)

$89 for NAME members
$99 for non-members

  • The crossing time at the Border varies-average is an hour to one hour and a half.  
The purpose of this trip is to immerse participants in the social, political and historic realities of the US-Mexico Border.  Participants will engage with representatives from the various entities that oversee this transnational community and how it’s been affected by Trump-era immigration and economic policies.  These stake-holders will provide the context to the complex tapestry of La Frontera. 

This experience will take participants across the US-Mexico border, to better understand the impact of immigration policy and militarization of the US-Mexico border. They will have the opportunity to briefly help migrants in various ways while visiting migrant support facilities.  From exploring the physical space and proportions of the “wall”, the use and repurpose of concertina “razor wire,” to assisting in shelters where asylum seekers idly wait, participants will experience La Frontera like few have before.  

The Bosco Shelter has requested that we bring “Care Packages”. 
These packages can include small sizes of soap, shampoo, feminine products, wipes, etc. This will also be easy to cross at the Border. Do not wrap items.
Place them in a shopping bag or pre-ship them to: 
Mexican-American Student Services 
3645 E. Pima St., Tucson, Arizona  85719
c/o Maria Federico-Brummer: NAME Migrant Supplies

Trip details 
  • 7:30am - Check-in at the conference registration desk 
  • NAME group departs hotel
  • NAME group goes to the Border in Nogales, Arizona     
  • Meets at City Hall
  • Meet and greet with Nogales, Arizona Town Representative
  • Go to the AZ Linea-The Border. Quick talk about the concertina wire and the town’s opposition to it.
  • NAME Group crosses into Museo De Nogales, Sonora
  • Group Meet with Architect Juan Amparano-Mayor’s Advisor and President of the Nogales Sonora Museum
  • The group visits the border wall, views the art on the wall and hear a narrative about the significant events that have happened there between the population and law enforcement. 
  • Visit the Bosco Immigrant Shelter - deliver "care packages"
  • Late lunch at Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza (the restaurant is reserved, participants pay for their own lunch)
  • Group van returns to the conference hotel
  • 4-5pm, arrive at Hilton El Conquistador, Tucson
The crossing time at the Border varies-average is an hour to one hour and a half.  

Raul Aguirre
$29 for NAME members
$49 for non-members

Muralism has been a tradition from our Indigenous forbearers to the radical social movement of the 50’s & 60’s.  Epitomized by Rivera, Tamayo, and Siqueiros, a close study of local murals is a journey through the times, politics, and Chicano activism of any given era.  Learn the different perspectives of what constitutes murals as opposed to big, pretty paintings on walls.  Discussion of local muralists who have achieved international status such as Pazos, Mena, Tineo, Cardenas, Garza, and newer, up-and-coming artists will be included.